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The Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO), the National Dam Safety Review Board (NDRSB), and the dam safety community recognize that having effective Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) at all high and significant hazard potential dams in the United States is critical to reducing the risks of loss of life and property damage from dam failures.  However, only about one-half of the state regulated high hazard potential dams currently have an EAP to be used in the event of a dam failure or dam related emergency.  It is especially critical to have an EAP at the high hazard potential dams that have been found to be unsafe or do not meet current accepted dam safety criteria. 

There is a consensus in the dam safety community that one of the major reasons for the lack of an EAP at high and significant hazard dams is the cost of detailed dam break studies.  In addition, it has become increasingly clear that many dam owners do not understand their personal liability for the downstream loss of life and property damage in the event their dam fails.

To encourage and facilitate development of EAPs at all high and significant hazard potential dams, ASDSO and the EAP Workgroup of the NDSRB have developed this EAP resource website to provide dam owners with simple and low-cost tools for creating and implementing an EAP at their dam(s). 

These resources include an EAP “fillable form” template that has been jointly developed by ASDSO and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.  This template can be easily edited for specific dams and the needs of local emergency management agencies. 


  1. EAP Template
  2. Instructions
  3. Fact Sheet

The resources also include a number of low cost and simplified methods of estimating the dam break inundation limits of the downstream areas, Simplified Inundation Mapping (SIMS).  Many of these methods are being utilized and accepted by state dam safety programs and local emergency management agencies.

  1. SIMS Fact Sheet
  2. SIMS Methodology

Dam owners of high and significant hazard potential dams are encouraged to contact the dam safety office in their state for further guidance on the use of these resources, as well as additional resources the state dam safety office may have to assist dam owners in the preparation of EAPs.  ASDSO provides contact and other information on state dam safety programs at the state program map page.

Other Tools to Assist with Emergency Response and Preparedness

New! ASDSO Emergency Action Planning Flyer
Emergency Action Planning for Dam Owners (FEMA 64)
NRCS EAP Factsheet
FERC Emergency Action Plan Program

State Websites on Emergency Action Planning:  The following states provide information and tools for dam owners on emergency action plans through their websites.

New Hampshire
Oregon (includes information on an EAP grant program)

In addition to the websites listed above, many states have sample EAPs and EAP guidelines for their state.

Arizona (fillable form & sample EAP)  North Carolina (EAP shells)
Colorado (guidelines) Ohio (guidelines & Internal EAP)
Indiana (EAP template)   Pennsylvania (guidelines)
Kansas (fillable form & workshop notice) Texas (guidelines)
Michigan (guidelines)        Virginia (EAP form)
Nebraska (EAP worksheet)     West Virginia (example EAP)

New Jersey (awareness program/PowerPoint)

Wisconsin (sample EAP)
New York (guidelines)   



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