Dams and levees are among the most challenging engineering structures to plan and design.  A variety of specialists are needed for this exciting area of infrastructure.  If you are in any of the following fields of study you may become a future dam (or levee) specialist!

  • Civil Engineers
  • Engineering Geologists
  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Hydraulic Engineers
  • Hydrologists
  • Structural Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Economists
  • Infrastructure Planners
  • Environmental Planners
ASDSO is committed to inspiring the next generation of dam safety practitioners.  ASDSO student resources include scholarships, free student admission to conferences, an annual student paper competition, a speakers bureau, an internships clearinghouse, research resources, career mentors, a resume posting service, and more.

ASDSO also offers a variety of resources for university faculty, including audiovisual presentations and assistance with capstone course development.

Come to ASDSO Conferences!

ASDSO offers FREE conference registration for students with valid IDs from schools in the US.

  • 2017 ASDSO Southeast Regional Conference: April 18-20, 2017 in Nashville, TN

  • ASDSO National Conference: Dam Safety 2017, Sept. 10-14 in San Antonio, TX

Student Paper Competition

ASDSO invites students to submit papers on dam and levee safety.  Topics may include traditional areas of design engineering, structural and geotechnical analysis, hydrology, hydraulics, construction, risk management and hazard mitigation, emergency action planning, dam security, and policy.

The 2017 Student Paper Competition is now closed. Please check back Fall 2017 for details regarding next year's competition.

ASDSO Speakers Bureau

Speakers are available for classes and student groups. 

Careers: Internship and Co-ops/Resume Posting Service

Looking for a dam engineering internship?  ASDSO can help! ASDSO also posts resumes of students and recent graduates at no charge. Visit the Career Center for more information.

ASDSO Undergraduate Scholarship

ASDSO has awarded between $5,000 and $10,000 in the past to students with an interest in dam safety. The 2017-2018 competition is now accepting applications through March 31, 2017.

Dam Safety YouTube Series

Don't know what a dam safety engineer does? Visit our YouTube page and watch videos of interns and professionals in dam safety explain what goes on in the field!


Join us!  ASDSO offers affordable student memberships ($23/year).  Member benefits include ASDSO's quarterly Journal of Dam Safety, monthly electronic newsletter, and more.

Faculty Resources

ASDSO can help you inspire the next generation of dam safety specialists.  We offer a variety of faculty teaching aids and student support.  Details are listed below and in the attached Faculty Resources flyer.

ASDSO Speakers Bureau

  • Speakers are available for classes and student groups in all 50 states.

Other Audiovisual Training

The "Expert Video Series" developed for the National Dam Safety Program by the Interagency Committee on Dam Safety and the Bureau of Reclamation is suitable for classroom use. Six presentations are available, free of charge, from FEMA:

  • Dr. Ralph B. Peck. Seepage and Piping
  • Dr. Don U. Deere. Dam Foundations
  • Dr. John Lowe. Filters and Sinkholes/ Rapid Drawdown Stability
  • Dr. James K. Mitchell. Ground Improvements for Dam Safety
  • I. M. Idriss. Behavior of Embankment Dams During Earthquakes
  • Dr. Danny L. Fread. Dam Breach and Flood Wave Modeling

You can also visit our YouTube page, which has over a dozen short clips that provide an overview of what dam engineers do. Great for career presentations and those interested in internships.

Assistance with Capstone Course Development
  • ASDSO offers assistance with project idenfication, course content, speakers, and more.  Contact ASDSO:, 855-228-9732 (toll-free), or 859-550-2788 (local).
The Journal of Dam Safety
  • Published quarterly, each issue includes three technical and/or policy articles, a summary of recent news, a training calendar, announcements and advertisements.

ASDSO Webinars

Archived and live webinars are each approximately 90-120 min. in length and suitable for classroom use. Topics include:

  • Rehabilitation of Concrete Dams
  • Earthquake Hazards, Ground Motions and Dynamic Response
  • Developing Operations and Maintenance Manuals for Dams
  • Identifying Hazards and Improving Public Safety at Low Head Dams
  • Hydrology 101 for Dam Safety
  • Hydraulics 101: Intro to Hydraulics for Dam Safety
  • Hydrology 201 for Dam Safety
  • Hydraulics 201 for Dam Safety

...and dozens more!

ASDSO Information Services

ASDSO provides all website visitors with unlimited access to the ASDSO Bibliography, a vast database of publications and resources related to dam and levee safety. Limited library and research services are also available.


Note: Student/faculty services are only available within the United States

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