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When: Thursday, September 14, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. (Coffee and registration/check-in from 7:30-8:00 am)

Description:  The purpose of this workshop is to provide a foundational understanding of the purpose of risk, risk principles and concepts and their applications in dam and levee safety. Some dam safety organizations and agencies have fully migrated to using risk practices to inform dam safety decisions.  Other organizations and agencies remain skeptical of the benefits of risk as a decision-making tool.  Much misinformation and rumors exist in the dam and levee safety community regarding the use of risk in engineering and management.  Some of this has occurred from a lack of knowledge of the subject and some from misunderstanding and misinterpretation of past information.

This workshop is designed to provide a brief overview of the subject and answer the following questions:
•    What is so wrong, if anything, with the way we are making safety decisions?
•    As an owner, why would I consider a risk approach?  
•    What would risk tell me that I already don’t know? 
•    How can risk be used to provide information to support safety decisions? 
•    What value and application could risk provide to a regulator?
•    What’s involved in performing a risk analysis? 

The workshop will not provide focused discussion on the computational aspects of conducting a dam safety risk analysis or risk assessment.

•    Douglas D. Boyer, P.E., CEG, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
•    Nicholas von Gersdorff, Southern California Edison
•    Daniel W. Osmun, P.E., HDR Engineering, Inc.
•    John Hunyadi, P.E., Colorado Division of Water Resources
•    David S. Bowles, Ph.E., P.E., RAC Engineers and Economists, LLC
•    Nathan J. Snorteland, P.E., US Army Corps of Engineers

Numerous examples will be provided that illustrate the ways in which risk has been used by large and small dam and levee owners, consultants, and regulators to aid in dam and levee safety decision making. In additional to the presentations, the workshop will include a time for open discussions and questions from the audience. See the full workshop agenda.

This workshop will be of most benefit to those that have little to no understanding or experience in dam or levee safety risk. This includes, dam owners, regulators, consultants, and others who are involved in dam and levee safety management activities.

Professional Development Hours: Up to 8 professional development hours are available for attending the full workshop. Attendees will receive a form on which to record contact hours for continuing education credits.

What to Bring: Pen and paper for taking notes.

Registration: The registration fee for this one-day workshop is $300 per person. Please include this fee with your regular conference registration. The registration fee covers all course instruction and materials and beverage breaks throughout the day.



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