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ASDSO strongly supports the Levee Safety Iniative established in the US Army Corps of Engineers by the the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014 (WRRDA) (click here for a PDF of the levee safety portions of the WRRDA Conference Report). This Iniative establishes many of ASDSO's priorities for a National Levee Safety Program (listed below). ASDSO has been working with partners to promote the work of the National Committee on Levee Safety (NCLS) and advocate for the creation of a National Levee Safety Program. In 2006 the voting membership of ASDSO approved a resolution supporting the creation of a National Levee Safety Program. In addition, at their March 2009 meeting, the ASDSO Board of Directors voted to support the recommendations contained in the NCLS January 2009 Draft Report to Congress. The voting membership reaffirmed ASDSO support for a National Levee Safety Program in 2012.

Latest News - International Levee Handbook Webinar Series - From January 2015 through August 2015, ASDSO in cooperation with USACE, USSD and other professional organizations co-sponsored monthly webinars on individual ILH chapters. Go to the International Levee Handbook page for links to the recordings and presentations of the webinars.

ASDSO Collaborates with NGOs to Promote Levee Safety

Members of the ASDSO Levee Safety Committee met in August 2013 with representatives of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the National Association of Storm and Floodwater Management Agencies (NAFSMA), and the United States Society of Dams (USSD) to discuss collaborating on further activities and issues related to levee safety. The representatives agreed that life safety of existing infrastructure should be the primary focus of this effort, i.e. this is not a group focused on or advocating for the building of more levees. As an outcome of the meeting, the group determined that it would be useful to continue the collaboration and discussed key issues of interest, membership, mission and guiding principles. At the meeting, the group drafted a letter to the leadership of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee expressing support for a National Levee Safety Program.

This collaboration (informally called the Levee Coalition and now also including the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) and the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC)) has continued to meet periodically to support the passage and implementation of levee safety intiatives in WRRDA.

ASDSO Levee Safety Committee

The ASDSO Board of Directors established a standing Levee Safety Committee in June of 2009. Follow this link for the Levee Safety Committee webpage.

The ASDSO Levee Safety Committee developed an issue brief on the Implementation of a National Levee Safety Program and Discussion of ASDSO's Involvement. Read Issue Brief

ASDSO Priorities for Implementation of a National Levee Safety Program

The ASDSO leadership has developed a document detailing priorities for implementation of a National Levee Safety Program. The document is based on a questionnaire format used by the NCLS and it presents a series of questions asked of NCLS Review Team members and ASDSO’s responses. ASDSO provides this to members and supporters for use when attending NCLS Levee Stakeholder Meetings or when engaged in any discussions involving levee safety. The document is available at the following link.

ASDSO Priorities for a National Levee Safety Program

National Levee Database

On October 27, 2011, the US Army Corps of Engineers officially opened the National Levee Database (NLD) to the public with the first of three public webinars, making a reality of the provision in Section 9004 of the Water Resources Development Act of 2007 that called for a comprehensive database of our nation's levees. The NLD is a living, dynamic database that for the first time allows visualization and the ability to search nationally the location and condition of levee systems. The roll-out version of the NLD included information on more than 14,700 miles of levee systems in the USACE program. The ultimate goal is to expand the database to include all levees constructed and/or operated by other federal agencies as well as non-federal levees. USACE is working with FEMA to include information on levees participating in the National Flood Insurance Program. When information on all federal and non-federal levees is included, the NLD will provide a single comprehensive source for users, will allow those flood-fighting to identify areas of concerns, and will allow residents to become more informed about the levees in their neighborhood.

National Committee on Levee Safety

The NCLS is a committee of federal, state, local, and private sector members with the direction from Congress to prepare recommendations and a strategic implementation plan on a National Levee Safety Program.

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