Press Room & News

Press Room & News

All American's benefit from dams and need to understand the risks associated with potential incidents and failures.

ASDSO members are experts dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of the nation's more than 85,000 dams, but everyone has a role to play in this effort.

The role of journalists is essential to raising public awareness of dams and dam safety. An informed public can help prevent loss of life and property from dam failures.

Reporters and writers may contact ASDSO Executive Director Lori Spragens, Katelyn Riley, Communications Manager or Sarah McCubbin-Cain, ASDSO Information Resources, at 855/228-9732 (toll free) or 859/550-2788.

Press Kit

Living With Dams - A website to educate those living or working near dams.

Overview of Dam Safety in the U.S. (PDF) - Updated October 2016

Dam Safety 101, including Top Issues Facing the Dam Safety Community

State Dam Safety Program Overview & Statistics Updated October 2016

ASCE Report Card on Dams

National Inventory of Dams

Latest Dam & Levee Safety News




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