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Protecting Critical Infrastructure: Dams

ASDSO partners with the US Deparment of Homeland Security to assist the dam community in understanding how dams fit into what's considered "critical infrastructure" and developing tools and guidelines on how to mitigate security risks to the nation's critical dams.

The DHS Dams Sector has established goals to improve awareness, prevention, protection, response, and recovery. The eight Dams Sector goals are driven by a desire to reduce the risks to critical assets within the Dams Sector, and to ensure the continued economic use and enjoyment of this nationally critical infrastructure. The eight goals of the Dams Sector are as follows:

  1. Build Dams Sector partnerships and improve communication among all critical infrastructure partners;
  2. Identify Dams Sector composition, consequences, and critical assets;
  3. Improve the Dams Sector’s understanding of viable threats;
  4. Identify Dams Sector vulnerabilities;
  5. Identify the risks to Dams Sector critical assets;
  6. Develop guidance on how the Dams Sector will manage risks;
  7. Enhance the security and resilience of the Dams Sector through research and development (R&D) efforts; and
  8. Identify and address interdependencies.

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News & Announcements

Independent Study Course: Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Insider Threats (IS-915)

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently released an online independent study course titled Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Insider Threats (IS-915). The one-hour course was developed by the Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP) in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute (EMI), Commercial Facilities Sector-Specific Agency, critical infrastructure owners and operators, and other Federal and state agencies. Read More.


New DHS Resources

Dams: Functions and Interdependencies (01/2017) This Infrastructure Summary Graphic highlights how Dams Sector functions are interdependent with other critical infrastructure sectors. Identifying these interdependencies can inform owners and operators on water management and other downstream effects. DHS asks users to complete the attached Customer Feedback Survey.

The Dams Sector Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (C2M2) Version 1.0 (11/2016) provides a flexible tool to help evaluate, prioritize, and improve cybersecurity capabilities. 



Dam Security and Protection Technical Seminar

The Dams Sector-Specific Agency (SSA) has developed a 2-day classroom course entitled, Dam Security and Protection Technical Seminar. The next presentation that was scheduled for May 24-25 in Rhode Island has been postponed.

This seminar discusses basic concepts related to threat, vulnerability, and consequence as key risk variables. It addresses relevant attack vectors, common physical vulnerabilities and related protective measures, including both land-side and waterside considerations. It also discusses security and crisis management programs, including the development of security plans and incident response plans including basic cybersecurity and information assurance elements.



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