We are excited to introduce you to ASDSO Collaborate, the new community for ASDSO members. Here you can share ideas, discuss challenges, post questions, connect with colleagues from across the world, work closer with your committee members, and more. Now you don’t have to wait for the next ASDSO event to connect with your peers—you can do it here, 24/7.

As you get started exploring ASDSO Collaborate, here are a few tips to help get things going:

  • Your Collaborate login and password are the same as your DamSafety.org login and password.

  • You can access ASDSO Collaborate using the direct link (https://collaborate.damsafety.org/home) or by clicking the blue 'Collaborate' button in the top right corner of DamSafety.org.

  • You’ve been subscribed to the Daily Digest version of ASDSO Collaborate, which means that you will receive one email each morning containing all of the previous day’s posts in an easy-to-digest format. You can switch your subscription to Real Time (you’ll receive an email every time there’s a new post) or No Emails (you won’t receive emails from the community but you can still view discussions online). You can manage your subscriptions here.

  • To respond to a question, use the “Reply to Group” link to send your reply to the group (we encourage this if your response will help others and add to the Collaborate body of knowledge) or “Reply to Sender” to send a private offline message to the author of the message.

  • Missed a couple of posts in a discussion? Click the “View Thread” link at the bottom to see the original question and all replies.

  • Take a moment to search for your friends in the Member Directory and send them a contact request. You can also add someone as a contact by selecting the menu underneath his or her photo in the discussion post.

The site currently has one community, the All-Member community, to allow our members to get use to the site and start setting up their profiles. In the coming weeks you will see a number of new communities including those for committees, interest groups, regions, and key topics, so keep checking the site and watching for announcements. Have an idea for a future community? Email Ross Brown ([email protected]) with your suggestions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact ASDSO ([email protected]) you have any questions or need any assistance. There is also an FAQ page to answer some of your questions. 

We hope you enjoy this great new resource!