New dam failure case studies and new 'lessons learned' have been uploaded to Thank you to the researchers and reviewers who contributed. The site now has more than 20 case studies and more than 10 lessons learned, as well as 5 ASDSO webinars that can be viewed free of charge as part of a Cooperating Technical Partnership between FEMA’s National Dam Safety Program and ASDSO.


Uploaded November 2018

New Lesson Learned: Uncontrolled vegetation on and around dams can hinder inspection and lead to serious structural damage, significant maintenance costs, and possible failure.
Researcher: Ryan Schoolmeesters; Reviewer: Greg Richards

New Lesson Learned: Hazardous hydraulic conditions, such as hydraulic rollers, can occur at dams of all sizes.
Researcher: Greg Richards; Reviewer: Paul G. Schweiger

New Case Study: Prospect Dam (Colorado, 1980)
Researcher: John Batka; Reviewer: Alon Dominitz


Uploaded October 2018

New Lesson Learned: Dam Owners, Engineers and Regulators Need to Address Public Safety at Dams.
Researcher: Paul Schweiger; Reviewer: Mark Baker

New Lesson Learned: Many earth-cut spillways have been constructed in erodible material that can result in unsatisfactory performance and breaching of the spillway. The integrity of all earth-cut auxiliary spillways should be evaluated to ensure that the design storm can be safely passed.
Researcher:  Wesley Hollenbach; Reviewer: Paul G. Schweiger

New Case Study: Buffalo Creek Dam (West Virginia, 1972)
Researcher: Nathaniel Gee; Reviewer: Gregory Richards


Uploaded September 2018

New Case Study: Castlewood Canyon Dam (Colorado, 1933)
Researcher: Lee Mauney; Reviewer: Doug Johnson

New Case Study: Mammoth Dam (Utah, 1917)
Researcher: Everett Taylor; Reviewer: Doug Johnson

New Lesson Learned: Earth and rockfill embankment dams must be stable under the full range of anticipated loading conditions.
Researcher: Ryan Schoolmeesters; Reviewer: Everett Taylor


Uploaded June 2018

New Case Study: Marshall Lake Dam (Colorado)
Researcher: Ryan Schoolmeesters; Reviewer: Alon Dominitz


Uploaded April 2018

New Case Study: Tous Dam (Spain, 1982)
Researcher: Ryan Schoolmeesters; Reviewer: Mark Baker


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Photo: Buffalo Creek Dam Failure - A young boy who survived the flood surveys the damage as others begin cleaning up on Feb. 26, 1972 (The Herald-Dispatch copyright 1999, used with permission).