Dam Safety 2021: Fundamentals of CFD Modeling for Weir and Spillway Structures

When: Thursday, September 16, 2021

Where: Music City Center, Nashville, TN

Registration Fee: $200

Details: This half-day introductory computational fluid dynamics (CFD) workshop is designed for engineers interested in learning the fundamentals of CFD modeling for weir and spillway structures. The first part covers the essential materials needed to create a complete CFD model, with a focus on understanding the factors that drive model accuracy (in particular meshing and numerical settings). This knowledge is then applied to worked examples for a range of structures, from ogee spillways to more complex configurations such as stepped spillways, siphons, and gated structures, as well as Piano Key weirs and Labyrinth weirs. Throughout the session, we reference high-performance computing implementations commonly used for large-scale and high-accuracy modeling.

This workshop is delivered in a lecture-like, "follow along" format, with video tutorials of the model setup for all the examples to be downloaded by anyone interested in running the models themselves. To this end, all attendees will be given a 3-month license to a commonly used CFD modeling tool (FLOW-3D HYDRO) in order to further consolidate gains beyond the workshop.

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