Membership Appreciation Week

Thank you for joining us for Membership Appreciation Week. This week, we celebrate the 3,000 dam and levee safety professionals who make up our vibrant community with special offers, prizes, two members-only events (see details below), and important information to assist you in making the most of your ASDSO membership. 

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Monday, May 2, 2022

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

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Wednesday, May 4, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Eastern
Ask Me Any Dam Thing - An online discussion on all things Dam Safety in the Members Only area of Collaborate. 

Join us on Collaborate for a Members-Only discussion on all things dam safety. Jon Garton, Iowa Department of Natural Resources; Nathaniel Gee; and Dusty Myers, Eagle Creek Renewable Energy will be online from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Eastern on Wednesday, May 4 answering all of your dam safety questions. Come prepared to ask questions, chime in on others' questions, and network online with peers from across the country. 

Thursday, May 5, 2022

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Friday, May 6, 2022
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern
What I’ve Seen. Dam Safety Stories and Lessons Learned from The Field - Register Now! 
Free - Members-Only Webinar

What I’ve Seen. Dam Safety Stories and Lessons Learned from The Field brings you a conversation with veteran dam safety experts who have worked on dams of all sizes across the world. This conversational webinar will give you an inside look at the lessons learned and unique stories gathered from over 200 years of combined experience in the field. Regardless of your experience level or area of focus, you will gain valuable knowledge and probably share a few laughs with this panel of industry experts.  


  • Keith A. Ferguson, P.E., HDR Engineering, Inc. - Mr. Ferguson has over 44 years of planning, design, and construction experience on over 160 dams, levees, spillways, outlet works, canals, tunnels, and tailing impoundment projects across the US and internationally. He holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from the University of Colorado in civil and geotechnical engineering and is a registered professional engineer in 18 states. He is a recognized leader in dam safety, risk analysis, seepage and stability analyses, seismic response evaluations for embankment and concrete dams, in rock mechanics, and in design of embankment, roller compacted concrete and rockfill dams. He was chair of the ASDSO Dam Safety Journal Editorial Committee from 2008 to 2013. He has been a member of the ASDSO Advisory Committee for over 20 years and is an active participant in the ASDSO Dam Failures and Incidents Committee. He recently completed a 7-year term as director, including a 2-year term as president, of the United States Society on Dams (USSD). He previously served as chair of the USSD Advocacy Initiative and the joint USSD Advocacy, Communication, and Public Awareness Committee from 2015 to early 2020. He served as chair of the USSD History Committee from 2015 to 2020 and is actively promoting the importance of understanding the historical context of major dam failures and incidents and the development of dam safety technology. He is a principal professional associate and dam and hydraulic structure practice director for HDR Engineering, Inc.
  • Lori Spragens, Association of State Dam Safety Officials - Lori Spragens is the executive director of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials. During her time as director, ASDSO has gained international recognition as a premier organization advancing the need for safer dams and creating a unified voice for the dam safety community. Programs established within the organization include continuing education for dam engineers, communication and education for dam owners, peer review programs for state and private dam safety programs, and information resources services, to mention a few. ASDSO also has been instrumental in seeing that state and federal legislation has been passed to improve dam safety policy and aid regulators and owners. This wasn’t possible without strong coalition building to bring in support for legislative improvements and an ability to develop relationships with media outlets and journalists to create national interest in and understanding about dams and dam safety. Ms. Spragens has contributed to and written several journal and news articles on dam safety and the development of research reports and guidelines for dam safety. She is a member of the Department of Homeland Security Dams Sector Coordinating Council; co-chair of the Information Sharing Workgroup (2014-15). She sat on the National Committee on Levee Safety Review Team and the Intergovernmental Flood Risk Management Committee. She served as a member of the Advisory Task Group for the Waterside Security R&D project under the National Institute for Hometown Security. Lori graduated magna cum laude from the University of Kentucky in 1982 with a B.A. in Art History and a B.A. in Visual Art with a specialty in graphic design. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Kentucky with a master’s degree in Public Administration in 1986. 


  • Daniel (Dan) Johnson, Daniel Johnson Consultants, Inc. - Mr. Daniel Johnson, P.E., M.S., F. ASCE, is a principal dam and hydropower engineer with a long list of projects performed while associated with the leading consulting engineering firms in the world.  Dan is a well-qualified civil engineer with 47 years of experience in water resources, dam engineering, geotechnical engineering, and civil engineering.  He has been deeply involved as the project manager or technical lead on about 220 water resource and mine tailings dam projects in the U.S., Canada, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Central and South America. His roles have covered all project components from planning, evaluations, design, bidding, construction, and operations. Dan is active in ASDSO, USSD, and ICOLD and a respected educator on dam investigations, design, and construction. He participated on ASDSO’s Advisory Board and Committee on Education Outreach, is a past vice president and a board member of USSD, past chairperson of the USSD Construction Technical Committee, and ongoing chairperson for the ICOLD parallel committee (Committee M). Since 1991, he has been a trainer for ASDSO educational seminars; from 1994 to 2003 was a lecturer for an embankment dams course at the University of Florida; has assisted in the Capstone Design and Dam Overview classes at the University of Colorado, and is a senior mentor with Engineers without Borders.
  • David B. Paul, P.E., Paul GeoTek Engineering, LLC - David B. Paul, P.E., is Managing Partner of Paul GeoTek Engineering LLC, Denver CO.  He retired from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) at the end of 2018 after 42 years of Federal service, as the Dam Safety Officer for the Mosul Dam Task Force which provided technical assistance to the Government of Iraq in to mitigate dam safety issues associated with Mosul Dam.  He also served as Special assistant for Dam Safety at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) headquarters in Washington, D.C., responsible for managing the USACE’s portfolio of 715 dams.  He is a national specialist on critical infrastructure design, dam design, levee design, construction engineering, engineering risk assessments, interim risk reduction measures (IRRM), and dam and levee safety modifications.  He recently participated in the Risk Assessment for Oroville Dam in California which is the tallest earth dam in the United States.  He has been involved in the design and construction of 10 new dams and over 75 dam modifications around the world.  Mr. Paul is currently a Trustee of the Deep Foundations Institute and a member of the United States Society of Dams (USSD), Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). He is DFI Trustee for the Seepage Control and Grouting Committees and serves as Chairman of the USSD Committee on Construction and is also active with the Embankment Dams Committee. He is the USSD Representative to the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) Embankment Dams Committee.
  • Boris E. Slogar, P.E., M.P.M., Chief Engineer, Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District - Boris E. Slogar, as chief engineer of the district, is responsible for general supervision as superintendent of all works and improvements of the MWCD encompassing all of its parks, facilities, dams and reservoirs.  In addition, Boris oversees operation and maintenance of MWCD’s 8-dam Chippewa flood protection system in northeast Ohio.  Boris also works closely with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the operation and maintenance of the Muskingum flood control system consisting of 14 dams which regulate 60% of the 8,000 square mile Muskingum River watershed. A 32-year veteran of public service, Boris has worked in water resources and dam safety his entire career starting as a dam safety regulator for the State of Ohio and the past 15 years as a dam owner with this regional flood control agency. Those of you that know Boris know that he looks for humor in just about any life situation and is passionate about dams and The Ohio State Buckeyes.
  • Steve Verigin, P.E., GEI - Steve Verigin has completed 42 years of full-time professional engineering experience, 27 years with the California Department of Water Resources and 15 years with GEI Consultants, Inc. He served for 20 years in California’s Division of Safety of Dams where he left as Division Chief and recently retired from full-time work at GEI where he served for three years as the Board of Director’s Chairman. His years were divided between technical projects and organizational supervision and management. He has Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in civil engineering from the University of California at Davis and California State University at Sacramento, respectively. He was a general practitioner with focus in the fields of geotechnical, hydraulic and hydrologic engineering. He now works part-time for GEI primarily serving on Boards of Consultants for large or complex dam engineering and dam safety projects. Steve has been a member of ASDSO for nearly his entire career.  He served for many years on the Peer Review Committee, chaired the Levee Safety and Peer Review committees, presented numerous papers at the national conferences, served on the Board of Directors and is also a Past President. He also served on the National Committee for Levee Safety and the Executive Steering Board for development of the “International Levee Handbook” as the ASDSO nominee.
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