Specialty Construction Techniques for Foundation Improvement and Seepage Reduction: Agenda

February 8, 2022
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Eastern

This Webinar provides an introduction to the various specialty construction techniques used for the remediation of the foundations of dams and levees.  There are two main parts to the presentation:  techniques used in soil and techniques used in rock.  Regarding the former, the four main soil grouting techniques are discussed, with an emphasis on the applicability, reliability, and construction risks involved.  Thereafter, the three basic classes of Deep Mixing Methods are reviewed, and case histories presented illustrating their use for static and seismic challenges.
For rock foundations, the most typical need is for seepage and erosion cut-offs in karstified carbonate formations. Case histories of recent major rehabilitations for the USACE and TVA are used to update attendees on the state-of-practice for such “positive” cut-offs.
It is hoped that the subject will be of particular value to owners and consultants who are conducting viability and feasibility studies on their projects and who wish to become aware of the broad and often confusing range of techniques currently available.


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