Exploring Dam Breach Parameters: Observed and Modeled






Join us on March 14, from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern for Exploring Dam Breach Parameters: Observed and Modeled. Dam breach modeling is commonly used to classify the hazard potential of a dam, establish the inflow design flood and other design criteria of a dam, and plan for emergency response in the event of an incident or failure. Dam breach analyses are also an essential component of risk analyses. The results of a dam breach analysis can be very sensitive to the assumed dam breach parameters of breach size, shape, and timing.

In dam breach modeling, estimates of dam breach parameters are frequently based on observed dam failures, either based on direct comparison or based on empirical relationships derived from the population of dam failures. This webinar will review the methods available to estimate breach parameters and provide comparisons to historical dam breaches and research data. Uncertainty and sensitivity will be discussed.

Learning objectives attendees will receive from this course:

  • Define various parameters that describe how a dam can breach.
  • Understand how dam breach parameters are used in dam breach modeling.
  • Identify available methods for estimating dam breach parameters.
  • Contrast how actual breach parameters may vary from modeled breach parameters.
  • Describe how changes in breach parameter assumptions may impact modeling results.

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  • This course qualifies for 2 PDHs.

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