Stream Management for Dam Construction






Join us on December 14 from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Eastern for Stream Management for Dam Construction. Rehabilitation of dams may involve access to the upstream side of the dam. Under such conditions, management of the river to keep the upstream area dry for construction activities is required. Cofferdams are typically used to capture river discharges and route to the bypass. Cofferdam design typically involves agreed upon criteria that is a balance between performance and cost, requiring an evaluation of risk specific to a site. Many cofferdams have failed by breaching during construction of dam projects, mainly by having the design flood exceeded. This webinar will present approaches to stream management including design approaches, assignment of risks, and separation and/or sharing of responsibilities.

Five Learning Objectives of This Webinar:

  • Understanding of the risks involved in developing stream management strategies for specific projects.
  • Use of a risk-based approach to understand the impact of pragmatic approaches to stream management.
  • Options for assigning and sharing responsibilities for stream management.
  • Seasonal impacts on construction planning and scheduling.
  • Selection of cofferdam construction materials.

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This course qualifies for 2 PDHs. NY licensed engineers will receive 2 PDHs for the completion of this course.

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