Uplift and Drainage for Concrete Dams and Spillways






Join us August 10 from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Eastern for Uplift and Drainage for Concrete Dams and Spillways. This course will discuss the impact of uplift on concrete dams and spillways, the benefits of drainage, the design of drainage systems, and the evaluation of drainage systems. Case histories related to drainage issues at concrete dams and spillways will also be presented. Potential failure modes and considerations for risk analyses will be discussed. Some of the topics that will be presented include: 3D seepage effects on uplift, effects of grouting on pressure reduction, failed waterstops and cracks in concrete, using piezometric measurements to evaluate drainage and uplift, filters for drains, drain cleaning, and the design and evaluation of supplemental drainage.

Five Learning Objectives of This Webinar:

  • Drainage is a first line of defense against instability.
  • Drains can lose effectiveness over time.
  • Care must be taken when grouting under reservoir head to prevent increasing uplift.
  • Careful evaluation of uplift and drainage systems is required for dam safety evaluations.
  • Ineffective drainage has contributed to the failure of concrete dams and spillways.

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