Are you looking to connect with the dam and levee safety community? Are you looking to grow your business? If so, you've come to the right place. Advertising with ASDSO provides you with access to a vibrant and engaged community of nearly 3,000 members through print and digital opportunities as well as the leading training and educational programs in the dam and levee safety marketplace. ASDSO members range from state and federal dam safety professionals; to civil, geotechnical, and structural engineers; engineering consultants; dam owners and operators; scientists and technicians; hydrologists and geologists; service and product suppliers; and students, academic professors, and researchers. If you are looking to make an impression in the dam and levee safety community, ASDSO reaches the target market you're looking for.

ASDSO provides opportunities for you to reach your audience in person through our regional and national events, in print through our quarterly publication - The Journal of Dam Safety, and our newest opportunity, online ad retargeting. Download our digital ad retargeting media kit today to learn more.  

Secure your advertising position today in one of our publications, or create the perfect campaign by reaching your target audience across multiple ASDSO advertising channels. 

Journal of Dam Safety

Download the 2022 Journal of Dam Safety Order Form 

The Journal of Dam Safety is the official publication of ASDSO. The Journal is distributed four times per year to nearly 3,000 ASDSO members. In addition, the Journal of Dam Safety is distributed at ASDSO events as well as other industry events in which ASDSO participates.

The Journal of Dam Safety provides your company the opportunity to reach key decision-makers from throughout the dam and levee safety community through the premier publication dedicated to dam and levee safety issues.

ASDSO offers full, half, and quarter-page advertisements as well as premium positions including back, inside front, and inside back cover positions. In addition, ASDSO can work with you on specialty placements including a two-page spread, tip in cards, and more. 

Estimated 2022-23 Journal of Dam Safety Distribution Dates - September and December 2022 and March and June 2023. *Dates subject to change.

Digital Ad Retargeting

Ever look at a pair of shoes online, or a potential vacation spot, and then for the next couple of weeks, you notice ads for those same shoes or that same vacation spot seem to be following you around the internet? That’s ad retargeting. Retargeting uses cookies to track visitors of one website and then reach those same visitors with ads on other websites, such as looking up recipes on the Food Network or reading the news on The Wall Street Journal. How can you use this to support to drive business for your company? With retargeting, individuals who visit the ASDSO website could be retargeted with ads about your upcoming company webinar, your booth at an ASDSO event, or just learn more about your company! Our audience becomes your audience with retargeting. Don’t rely on broad, generic targeting on common ad platforms to market your company. Stand out with ASDSO’s uniquely qualified audience that will showcase your business to those who need you the most.

Download the 2022 ASDSO Ad Retargeting Information Kit

Exhibiting, Sponsoring, or Advertising at an upcoming ASDSO Event

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For information on advertising please contact Ross Brown at [email protected] or call 859.550.2788.