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Upcoming Events
Event Title Event Type Host Location Date Details
Inspection & Assessment of Dams Virtual Seminar Online 08/04/2020 Virtual Seminar
Online 08/04/2020
Low-Level Conduits – What Can Go Wrong, How to Inspect, How to Repair? Webinar Online 08/11/2020 Webinar
Online 08/11/2020
Dam Safety 2020 Virtual Conference Online 09/21/2020 Virtual Conference
Online 09/21/2020
Delhi Dam – A Compound Failure Webinar Online 10/13/2020 Webinar
Online 10/13/2020
HEC-RAS 2D Classroom Seminar Chicago, IL 10/27/2020 Classroom Seminar
Chicago, IL 10/27/2020
Judgment and Decision-Making in Dam Engineering Webinar Online 11/10/2020 Webinar
Online 11/10/2020
Southeast Regional Conference Conference Charleston, SC 12/07/2020 Conference
Charleston, SC 12/07/2020
Responding to Dam Emergencies Webinar Online 12/08/2020 Webinar
Online 12/08/2020
Dam Safety 2021 Conference Nashville, TN 09/12/2021 Conference
Nashville, TN 09/12/2021
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