ASDSO Honorary Members

ASDSO Honorary Members

The Board of Directors will occasionally honor an individual who has contributed to the improvement of ASDSO and the advancement of dam safety over a lifetime of work. This is a rare award and only goes to a select few.

2023 Honorary Member:

James W. Gallagher, P.E.
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, Retired

Current Honorary Members:

Roger P. Adams
William H. Allerton
William B. Bingham
Zahir "Bo" Bolourchi
Larry W. Caldwell
David B. Campbell
Leon A. Cook
Ronald A. Corso
Robert H. Dalton
Jeris A. Danielson
Alton P. Davis
Richard W. DeBold
Stephen G. Durgin
Francis E. Fiegle II
Meg Galloway
Kenneth D. Hansen
Brad Iarossi
William Irwin
Charles E. Karpowicz
Ann Kuzyk
Matthew Lindon
Brian R. Long
Daniel J. Mahoney
Steven McEvoy
George E. Mills
Carl J. Montana
John Moyle
Bruce C. Muller, Jr.
Elaine C. Pacheco
Alan E. Pearson
J. Bruce Pickens
Timothy G. Schaal
Raul F. Silva
Martin J. Stralow
Constantine G. Tjoumas
Hal Van Aller
Tom Woosley