Automated Instrumentation and Early Warning Systems for the Monitoring of Dams






Join us on May 9, from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern for Automated Instrumentation and Early Warning Systems for the Monitoring of Dams. Timely warning and rapid response have proven to be critical in reducing consequences during dam and levee safety incidents. The detection of abnormal, hazardous, and/or threatening conditions is the first step in issuing a more timely and effective warning. Early Warning Systems can provide real-time information on the health of a dam, conditions during incidents, and advanced warning to evacuate ahead of dam failure flooding.

An Early Warning System is an Automated Data-Acquisition System (ADAS) equipped to transmit and process data to include early warning notification features and programmed to operate without the need for human intervention. The system may include various types of sensors, including reservoir/tailwater level monitoring, stream gauges, geotechnical/structural instruments, and weather measurements; however, a successful Early Warning System program encompasses much more than just instrumentation and offers numerous potential benefits for a dam/levee safety program. 

Learning objectives attendees will receive from this course:

  • Benefits of Early Warning Systems/ADAS.
  • Best practices for the successful design and implementation of an Early Warning System.
  • Overview of automated instrumentation and setting thresholds.
  • Case studies of dam incidents and lessons learned related to surveillance.
  • Incorporating risk-informed decision-making into ADAS.

View the full webinar agenda! 

Registration Fees:

PDHs Available:

  • This course qualifies for 2 PDHs.

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